CatTreeCondo Testimonials

This has been great. We got it so our dog could have stairs and our cat could have a scratching post. The cat seems to have decided the stairs are less work than jumping and uses them too. Compared to many other steps on here our main concerns were that the steps needed to be big enough for the dog to use safely and sturdy. These are both of those things. The picture of a person standing on them isn’t exaggerating, they are that strong. I wouldn’t use them that way because I’m not certain the screw in the bottom that holds them on is THAT sturdy. But I have stood on them and other than a little wobble they held up fine. The only thing I would watch out for is double check the measurements in your space to make sure it will fit. They stick out a little further than I had envisioned when I was picturing it. This is what let’s the steps be so big, so just double check first.


Sturdy, made with carpet (not fur, Like the first one I ordered and my cat wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Perfect height for him to sit and look out the window.


My cats are climbing and exploring all the different landing pads and inside the box. Up and down, they stop for long. Thankful for the 3 scratching posts that are included on the Big Joe. Very happy with this purchase! Thank you!!


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